The Wineshop

51 Gorordo Ave, Cor . Escario St Cebu 6000


I've been here a few times, arriving at different times a day. First time around midnight on a Saturday night, and the place was absolutely crowded with a good live band  playing latino rythms. Second time was a Friday around 7PM. Place was more quiet but filled up pretty quickly. Third time on a Sunday afternoon it was relaxed and a quiet atmosphere. That's good about this place - you can arrive different times a day/night to discover or escape the atmosphere you like.



The Wine Shop has been around for 6 years, and is located on Gorordo, right next to Golden Peak.  If you arrive in a taxi, most people should have heard of it. They have parking outside if you drive yourself. Free wi-fi for guests.

The manager, Mr Gabriel Balmer, is Spanish, and has been working in the tourist business all his life. He has been in Cebu for 13 years. He describes his place as unique for Cebu, which is true. He seems to have found a good combination of music, food, dance, wine and atmosphere that attract a lot of people from all over the world. The clientele is a good mix of Westerners, Koreans and Filipinos. There seem to be a lot of regulars here and not too many tourists. He tells me they have 5 different bands playing from Monday-Saturday. Wednesdays are ladies' nights where the girls get one drink for free. Thursdays they have ballroom dance where instructors of both genders can dance with you and help you improve your steps. Sundays are more quiet, and they usually put some movies on the big screen. They also sometimes put sports on, but with the sound off.

Wine are essential, but have in mind all wines are Spanish. Prices range from 400-1600 peso a bottle. They only serve wine by bottle, exept one type. They offer you a wine cooler if you choose to chill it a little. The place has air con, so the temperature of the wine is OK. Some wines should be drunk at 16-18 degrees C, so it might be wise to accept it depending on what you're drinking.  In additition to wines they also serve all kinds of cocktails(145-200) and Sangria pitchers(435). If you still prefer beer, don't worry - they sell ice cold SML for 65.


Elsa, Paul and I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu(300), Lasagna(210) and Australian Rib Eye Steak(470). Food was excellent, and portions were generous. The steak is actually one of the most tender and best tasting I've ever had in Cebu, and talking to Gabriel the next day he says I made a good pick, because it's one of his favorites.


They have a pretty good variety on their menu, and with a Spanish manager, they offer some tapa dishes and paella as well. The paella should be ordered a day in advance. You will also find Manchego cheese, olives, garlic bread, Serrano ham and other good Spanish delicacies here. Their online menu offers lamb shanks and  lamb chops as well, but it's not always on, so it might be good to check a day in advance. Menu is pretty international and contains both pizza, salads, meat, poultry, seafood, burgers and desserts.


The Wine shop can seat 100 people, but with lots of people dancing and hanging out in the bar, it can certainly lively up the place with a lot more. It's handicap friendly here, and the comfort room's are very nice and clean.The live bands start around 9PM, so if you prefer to have the dinner in a little more relaxed atmosphere it might be wise to drop by a little earlier than that. Check out their website to find out more.

Stop by and have a swinging good time!


Pictures are used with permission from The Wine Shop!


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